PNBA Tradeshow -- Northwest General Pictures

This page contains some pictures that aren't necessarily based on novel booth/table display layouts, but are still show related. If you haven't seen the Tradeshow -- Northwest show in action before, some of these pictures will help you get a feel for what goes on.


We've started putting our layout map in the front of the hall as a guide.

This picture shows the empty exhibit hall on Friday morning. Lots of space to play with!

Here we see the tables just being set up in the hall.

Here's George Miller, who is in charge of the shipping to the show. If he looks pretty tired, that's because he is! All the boxes get delivered to the booths/tables by George.

All the shipping materials create a lot of recycling...

A lot of recycling! Faherty & Associates seem to have the most materials at our shows.

Doesn't it look great when it's all set up though? Faherty took this whole 9-island and completely filled it with merchandise.

Here's a picture of the hall all set up and ready for the PNBA booksellers!

The wonderful PNBA helpers do their usual outstanding job at the registration booth.

Here's our autographing area on Saturday with a couple of lines already started. On the opposite side of these two autographing spots were two more.

Each year we try to include some round tables separate from the exhibit areas for easier order writing (but not too separate!)