PNBA Tradeshow -- Northwest Table/Booth Setup Ideas

For many people, this is their first time at a book Tradeshow. Here are some examples of what some companies have done with their booth/table spaces.

We have some pictures that show some of the many possibilities for booth/table displays. For more general pictures of the floor layout and larger views of the hall, take a look at the General Tradeshow Pictures page. Enjoy!


This is a sample of a "table islands" from a distance, viewed from the side.

This is a good picture of what an empty table space looks like before set-up.

In addition to displaying books flat on the table, many also used racks like this one.

A few exhibitors also requested that we remove a whole table so they could put up some spinner racks.

Even exhibitors with only one book displayed on half an eight foot table.

This exhibitor coupled their culinary book with an actual food display.

Others displayed on whole sides of an island, allowing lots of books to be spread out.

Who's to say that all table tops need to be white? TimeBridges used these wonderful colors to accent their table and draw attention to it.

Far West used this nice banner that you could see from many tables away, without blocking the view of other exhibitors.

This exhibitor removed their tables, and put up an interesting wagon display, very unique and a sure crowd-pleaser.


Here we see a prime example of how many used their booth space.

This exhibitor took multiple booth spaces, in order to create a nice space to take orders and display books without being in the main flow of bookseller traffic.

This exhibitor asked for an "extra booth table" to line the second side of the booth.

Some booth displays were quite impressive, as this one was from Sasquatch Books.

This publisher took up two booth spaces. This display was probably the biggest we had at the show in 2000 (it required 3 large crates, not counting the book stock!)

My favorite booth set up idea in 2000 was by Terfle Books. Doesn't this look inviting?

Taku Graphics had an interesting idea: Take the single table provided with a booth space, and put it in the center, so that booksellers can walk on all sides of it to see the items displayed.

WinePress Publishing requested a taller style of table (plus an extra) in their booth so that their materials would be at waist height.

I particularily liked Premier Editions' booth space, which had a nice little author autographing area complete with a couple of chairs (I imagine it could be used to write orders on, as well!)

Here's another booth idea. On an end booth table, you can open half of it up, like this.

Combined Book Exhibit used their space very efficiently with some very nice racks and shelves.

Ted Terry uses a whole corner (billed as 5 booth spaces) in his display.

And that's all we have for the moment. Take a look at the General Tradeshow Pictures page for even more show pictures